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I know that the task of preserving the Aramaic language and preventing it from disappearing is not an easy task, but it is also not an impossible one, and each of us can help preserve, disseminate and define it:

1. Speak in Aramaic whenever you can, as this is the first and most important step of all to extend its life.

2. Talk to your children in the early stages of childhood so they can acquire it as a mother tongue.

3. Encourage those around you to speak and learn the Aramaic language.

4. If you speak one of the modern Aramaic languages, you can contact us to exchange information or cooperate in specific research or projects.

5. If you have certain skills that can be helpful in preserving the Aramaic language (designing, drawing, typing, programming, translating…), you can contact us to take part in future researches and projects.

6. Contribute to the translation and proofreading of the website’s content into the language you know.

7. Share the website or its articles on your social media pages.

Rimon Wehbi   11/04/2021

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