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1.5.1. Website:

In 2020, I decided to establish this independent, non-profit website, in order to publish as much information and documentation as possible about Maaloula and its Aramaic language.

I have worked on the preparation of the main content of the site taking into account several criteria:

  • Scientific and linguistic accuracy and reliability of information.
  • Simplify as much as possible.
  • Presenting in an engaging style that is supported by illustrations.

I’m posting every Wednesday around 11:00 am (08:00 GMT). We will first learn about the Semitic languages in general, then Aramaic and its various languages and dialects, down to Maaloula Aramaic in particular. We will also learn about Maaloula’s history, geography, archaeology, heritage, literature, the arts and traditions of its people, and much more. Then we will move on to advanced stages, which we will talk about later.

1.5.2. Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

To take advantage of the features provided by Facebook and YouTube, I created a page and a channel to support and complement the website:

Rimon Wehbi   11/04/2021

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